Project Description

Valensole and the lavender

Discover all the secrets of lavender,
how it is traditionally harvested and distilled

The program

After many stops among the lavender fields of Valensole where you will get incredible views on the fields and many opportunities to take the best pictures ever, I will take you to a traditional distillery!

Indeed, the lavender, which bloom only during few weeks doesn’t give us only beautiful landscapes, it is also a flower well known for it parfum but also for its medicinal properties!  Cultivated on the Valensole plateau, it is also there that the distillation is made. The past years, the lavender farming has become more and more mechanized however the distillery where I take you have managed to keep and preserved the traditional know-how. Owned by an old family, the traditionnal distillery is the only one left in Valensole who respect and perpetuate the know-how of their ancestors.

There you will witness the distillation process. At the opposit of new mechanical ways of distillation, the traditional process allows the producer to get a very high quality Essential Oil of lavender.

The distillation of lavender is an important moment, as the lavender only bloom once a year it is the result of a year work. As the distillation time is on a very short period I suggest to book the tour in advance!

>> Get high quality lavender products directly from the producer!

Private tour on request!

From 45 € / pers

3 hours

  Departs from: 2pm

  Where : Moustiers Sainte Marie

When : From July the 18th to the 25th
Every Day


>Admire an ocean of lavender

>Assist to a traditional distillation

>Witness the lavender distillation process

>Get high quality lavender product directly from the producer

> Smell the lavender perfume…


Subject to availability

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