Project Description

The Lavender Road

From Banon to Sault, following the lavender road,
discover local specialties and provençal villages!

The program

On our way to Sault, Capital of Lavender, we will first stop in Banon, an authentic provencal village. Banon, not only famous for its must-see library is a small hilltop village which gives off a warm and relax atmosphere which is characteristic of the region of Provence! Also renowned for its goat cheese, a proper tasting will tantalize your tastebuds!

Following the lavender road, we will make a second stop in Simiane la Rotonde. Surrounded by lavender fields, this little perched village nominated “Village of Character” has a rich historic heritage. You will enjoy to wander through its picturesque streets…

Out of Simiane, the Mont Ventous appears! In the background of the lavender fields, the Giant of Provence will offer a magnificent view! Still following the lavender road, we will drive up to Sault, the Capital of Lavender. Sault made its reputation on the lavender production and the essential oil of lavender which are known for its perfume and medicinal properties.

Following the visit of Sault, you will also get the chance to discover an authentic traditionnal distillery of lavender. Producer of essential oil of lavender, they also offer a large panel of organic cosmetic made out of lavender!

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Private Tour

Full day

  Departs from: 9pm

  Where : Moustiers Sainte Marie

When : July and August – According to the lavender blooming season – Every Day


>Tantalize your taste buds with the famous Goat cheese of Banon!

>Discover a must-see library as you’ve never seen before!

>Enjoy to wander through the picturesque streets of Simiane..

> Admire the lavender fields of Sault, Capital of Lavender…

>Discover a large pannel of Organic Cosmetic made out of Lavender!


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