TransVerdon transfer: luggages, mountain bikes

The TransVerdon is one of the 8 largest Mountain Bikes French routes! As its name explain it, the TransVerdon is an incredible mountain bike route which start where the Verdon River rise in Col d’Allos and then cross the Val d’Allos, the Haut Verdon valley and the Verdon Gorges area. Its itinerary allow the mountain bikers to discover the beautiful site of the Verdon: its mountains, lakes, canyon but also the Valensole plateau famous for its lavender and sunflowers fields!

The TransVerdon is aimed at regular mountain bikers, the route is 260km lenght, 8 000 m positive elevation, 10 000 negative elevation, and crossing is more or less done in one week. All along the TransVerdon you can find accomodation and restaurants which will allow you to organize the itinerary as you whish and according to the physical level of everyone! For the TransVerdon Transfer, I am here at your service!

Mikel & Manuela ready for Mountain Bike Route: the TransVerdon!

Mikel & Manuel has contacted me in order to organise their transfer to the starting point of the mountain bike route TransVerdon: Col d’Allos but also their lugage transfer during their stay and between the steps of their crossing. They decided to go for the route during 5 days and here they are, at their starting point, their feet almost in the snow!! :

TransVerdon Transfer

1st stop of the Mountain Bike Route TransVerdon: Colmars les Alpes! Famous for its fortifications, Colmars caracterise itself by a somptuous classical military architecture!

Transport TransVerdon

Once the Val d’Allos and Haut-Verdon valley crossed – famous for its intense descent as technical trails – the trail continue in the Verdon National Park where you can enjoy the landscape diversity and breathtaking viewpoints! The mountain bike route end by the crossing of the Valensole plateau, famous for its lavender fields and beautiful views on St Croix Lake!

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