Private Tour Verdon Gorges and Lavender fields in Valensole!

In need of a transfer from Castellane to Marseille, Cathy and her friends have decided to combine pleasant and useful! They choose to go on an excursion to discover the Verdon Gorges and the Lavender fields through they journey to Marseille!

Private Tour Verdon Gorges and Lavender fields allowed to Cathy and her friends to discover the famous Route des Crêtes! A sighstseeing road built after the 2nd war to allow people to get access to the beginning of the Canyon and the most beautiful part of it! After breathtaking viewpoints, discovery of a untouched and preserved nature a lunch break in Moustiers allowed them to discover an authentic provençal village!

From Australia, those 4 friends are in Europe for 10 days and still get impressive by the landscapes and sightseeing they discovered all along the journey!

From the Route des Crêtes (Crest Road) Cathy and her friend can admire breathtaking viewpoints! From the highest point of the road, the viewpoint is 700 meters high from the river! Wild flowers are growing everywhere on the limestone: here some yellow flowers called  immortelles (curry plant). This flower is actually cultivated on the Valensole plateau, usually hidden from the road to avoid people to pick flowers as the essential oil is very expensive and mainly used in cosmetic!

gorges du verdon
tour verdon

Then we head to Moustiers Sainte Marie for a well deserved lunch break! Labelled “One of the Most Beautiful Village of France” Moustiers is an authentic provencal village perched between two cliffs. If you look up you will be surprised to see a star hanging between them! According to the legend of Frederic Mistral, the star is an ex-voto: a gift to Virgin Mary as a sign of gratitude. The De Blacas knight went for the crusade where he got prisoner. There he made the promise that if he could come back to his hometown he would set up a chain with a star between the cliff.

Divided in two by a river, Moustiers is made of small and narrow streets, full of flowers and olives trees! You will be amazed by the colourful houses and the number of fountains present in the village!

moustiers sainte marie tour

Then we are heading to the famous Valensole plateau for a photo shooting in the Lavender fields!!

champs de lavande
champs de lavande tour
lavender fields tour
tour privé lavande

Hidden from all, the “immortelle” fields have been grown close by the lavender! Very delicate and expensive flower, it is strictly forbidden to pick them!

champs immortelle
champs immortelle valensole
curry plant valensole

If you wish to organize a private tour of the verdon gorges and in the lavender fields, between friends or familly, up to 14 people we will be happy to welcome you in our beautiful region!

For more details please contact me at or by phone at +33 (0)6 59 40 93 14!

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