Must-see and must-do in Moustiers Sainte Marie!

chapel moustiers sainte marie
  • 1- THE HIKE UP TO THE CHAPEL “Notre Dame de Beauvoir”

Beautiful chapel built between the cliffs of Moustiers Sainte Marie, the walk up there is a definitivelly must-do! Not only you will get incredible views on Moustiers rooftops but also on St Croix Lake and you will also get the chance to get closer to the star!! The floor is a little bit slippery so just be carreful to wear proper shoes. I would advice to do it either early morning or end of afternoon to avoid the heat.

Little extra: Take with you a 1€ coin which will allow you to light up the inside of the chapel.


Located close by the beginning of the Chapel path, off an alleyway,  you will find a little bar called “Saveurs & Nature”. As you will quickly notice, most of the people sitting at the tables knows each others, it is very understandable once we know that it is in this hidden place that we find the local beer: the Mouss’terienne! Brewed and bottled in Moustiers, the “Mouss’térienne” is a delicious craft beer made out of 2 special provençal ingredients: thyme and honey! Yes it is! As I said, a must-taste if you path come accross Moustiers Sainte Marie! There you will also find a range of products all made out of honey such as lavender honey, verdon honey, gingerbread, mead and other delights. Why you will ask, simply because the brewer is above all a beekeeper!

Now you know where to treat your taste buds!

honey local beer moustiers sainte marie

As in all the provençal villages, a weekly market take place in Moustiers Sainte Marie! Summer as winter, the market takes place every friday morning up to 1pm in front of the city hall! According to the seasons, the size of the market change, obviously, it is during summer that it is at its biggest! You will find a lot of local products such as goat cheese, seasonal vegetables, lavender honey etc…

faience moustiers sainte marie

Renovated in 2014,the Faience Museum tells the story of the Faience since the sixteen century. The museum provides a major collection of Faience which was made thanks to generous donation. There you will also get the possibility to admire the star of Moustiers Sainte Marie of 1882 which fall down in 1957.

  • 5- THE ROMAN ROAD “La voie Romaine”

Ancient communication route between Castellane, Rougon, Chateauneuf, Moustiers Sainte Marie and Riez, the “Roman Road” is still used but only on foot and only to reach the heights of Moustiers! Advised to be done end of afternoon to avoid the heat, this little hike will allow you to admire St Croix Lake and the Valensole plateau with its lavender and sunflowers fields!

If the weather conditions allow it, end of afternoon you will witness the paragliders’ take-off! For the most motivated ones, you get back down to Moustiers Sainte Marie you have the possibility to use the “Vallon de la Chapelle” hiking path.

–> For more information on the hiking path, duration, difficulty level and map, you can ask the office of tourism of Moustiers!

biscuits de moustiers sainte marie

Lavender honey’ stars: a delight! This little biscuit will be savoured at all the gourmet break! To offer or to share, this biscuit will be a real treat for your taste buds! Of course, the lavender honey used in those biscuits come from our beautiful lavender fields all around Moustiers Sainte Marie!

moustiers sainte marie

A little hike around Moustiers which will get you at the bottom of the famous “Riou” waterfall! If you come in Moustiers in spring after heavy storms you might get lucky and get the chance to see the water flowing. Otherwise, most of the time the river stays dry… If you keep going on the walk you will cross olive tree fields to finally get to a major view point on Moustiers Sainte Marie and St Croix Lake!

–> Best time to do it would be end of afternoon when the sun start to goes down so you might be on time for the “pink hour”! At that time the light become pink and give perfect light for pictures!