Traditional lavender distillery visit!

If you are passing by the Valensole plateau, you will realize that the harvest has already started and you might be lucky if you find a lavender field still purple! The purple sea have become all green, there is still some lavender left by the machine that you can pick… and if you open your window you will smell a delicate parfume of lavender! But if there isn’t lavender left on fields, from where that perfume come from…???

If the lavender fields have been harvested it mean that the distillation process has started!! Now with the big machines, it is very hard to find farmers who make essential oil with the traditional method.. However, in Valensole, there is still one family left which make the essential oil following the old process by using their lavender straw boiler! With the Lavender Distillery Visit you will learn all about the lavender and the fabrication of the essential oil! A must-do during your holidays in Provence!

First step: fill up the tanks with the lavender bales!

Pack the lavender bales as much as possible!

Once the lavender have been distilled, it will be re use to feed the boiler

Brins de lavande encore chauds!!

The traditional Lavender distillery!

After the steam distillation, we divide the essential oil of lavender from the water

Mmmmh smell so nice!! Perfect for the clothes cupboard!

If you wish to visit the traditional lavender distillery, from up to 14 people we will be happy to welcome you and show you around!

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