Damas Roses

As one of the oldest surviving species of roses, the Damas roses is originally from the East. Famous for its delicate fragance and for its beneficial effects on the skin, the Damas rose is very often used in Cosmetic.

Perched in the heights of Verdon, authentic producers and distillers of organic aroma cultivate the Damas roses! In June, the rose blooms and during this period, every morning, before the sun  gets high, the producer  gently pick its roses. Those ones, store out of direct sunlight will be distilled during the afternoon. The essential oil of Rose is rare, precious and has beneficial properties to prevent or treat the signs of aging!

From 10 to 30 July, from Moustiers Sainte Marie, I take you on a visit of the distillery where you will meet the producer! He will share with you his passion and expertise. You will follow him through the picking trail and you will learn all about roses’s properties, its secrets and how it has been used for centuries. Then you will witness the distillation and discover all the details of this delicate process. You will discover high quality roses skin care products 100% natural and organic