Discovery of the Verdon Gorges by the camper vans drivers!

By a beautiful day of May, with Anne we welcomed a group of camper vans drivers in La Palud sur Verdon! Called as “The Loyals Travellers”, they were composed of 20 camper vans! As there were a lot of them, in order to properly discovery the Canyon of Verdon we suggested small groups of 14 people. This allowed all the camper vans drivers to fully enjoy the tour, discover beautiful landscapes and admire panoramic viewpoints without the trouble of driving on small and narrow roads!


1st Stop: The Sublime Point!

Located at the bottom of the authentic village of Rougon, the Sublime Point allow us to discover a panoramic view on the entrance of the Canyon! It is from that viewpoint that the first rock-climbers were seen in the 68’s! Famous for its difficulty, this multi-pitch called “Les Enragés” is located on the Paroi du Duc, a dramatic cliff wich dominate the Canyon and which give a first and quick overview of the impressive limestone cliff we can find in the Canyon!

Then, the famous Crest Roads!

Trescaire, belvedere of the Crest Road offer a breathtaking view of the limestone cliffs from the top of it! It is the perfect location to take out your buniculars and observe the griffon vultures but especially their nests located in the breaks of the cliffs!

A little bit after the “Chalet de la Maline”, further we driver further we can see that the Canyon is getting more and more narrow but it stay as beautiful and wild!