From Moustiers Sainte Marie, embark for an unforgettable gourmet experience! This getaway will allow to discover the most impressive belvederes of the Verdon Gorges as taste the local specialties! Tantalize your taste buds and savour the tasty goat cheeses of the Verdon Natural Park! Fresh, creamy, dry, cover with chopped garlic or dry tomatoes, you will taste all the different types of cheese and the cheese maker will share with you his knowledge, passion and expertise!

At lunch time, I will take you to a beautiful site  where you will enjoy an outdoor picnic thought by Alain Ducasse! In a wicker basket, you will discover a picnic with local specialties carefully prepared by the chef of La Bastide de Moustiers Ste Marie: Frédéric Garnier. The menu change according to the season and present products freshly harvested from La Bastide’ garden for a meal rich in flavours!

A starter, a main course, a dessert – 3 cold dishes which will tantalize your taste buds!